The Transportation Club of Tacoma invites you to attend the Holiday Luncheon and Auction benefiting the Emergency Food Network. 

Please contact Lori Kincannon (253-326-1292) or Michele McDonald (253-414-1356) for Silent Auction, Live Auction or Drawing Donations.

Registration & Event Information:
  • Emerald Queen Casino Ballroom & Conference Center
    5580 Pacific Hwy East, Fife, WA 98424
    (The Ballroom & Conference Center is located West of the Casino across the parking lot)
  • 11:00 am  Registration/networking
  • 11:45 am  Lunch served
  • 2:00 pm  Event conclusion
  • Cost  $35 prepaid, drawing is an additional $25 for 6 tickets
    ** Additional $15 for walk-in members and non-members
  • Register Online or by email


Contributions or gifts to the Transportation Club of Tacoma are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.


Emergency Food Network – Working to End Hunger in Pierce County since 1982

Each December our club holds the Emergency Food Network Food Drive and Fundraiser at our Christmas luncheon. All proceeds from the event go to EFN who’ll use the proceeds to feed local people in our community. The event includes a visit from the local high school choir and speakers who bring in the Christmas spirit by helping auction off great gifts for the membership. This past December we raised more than $34,000. What’s even more incredible is how much food we can expect our efforts will produce. Currently, EFN is able to convert every $1 raised into $12 worth of food. This means that we were able to bring in $386,000 worth of food to the people in our community. Our membership is thrilled they can have such a huge impact in our community.

Since 1999, we have been able to raise over 1 million dollars in food for EFN. Come join us at our December luncheon where we’ll once again bring you a little Christmas joy and goodwill to the people in our community.

Dan Price | CEO & Founder of Gravity Payments

Dan Price founded Gravity Payments in 2004 from his university dorm room at just 19 after witnessing the small businesses he admired were being taking advantage of by their credit card processors. In April 2015, Dan Price made headlines around the world for slashing his $1M salary to set a $70,000 minimum wage at his company. Overnight, he profoundly changed the lives of his team members, challenged perceptions about the purpose of business, drew the admiration of millions from around the world, and the ire of big business pundits from Wall Street to Rush Limbaugh.

Though largely known for this latest move, Dan Price’s life mission is to support the little guy or gal in their pursuit of their business dreams. Dan has built his own business on the simple, but noble, notion of helping independent businesses fight for the same advantages typically reserved for large companies in the credit card processing industry. Dan has fostered a truly transparent work environment at Gravity, full of engaged people passionately aligned in pursuit of their mission to make business about people and purpose, rather than profit.

Dan has been recognized for his leadership and entrepreneurialism by Inc and Entrepreneur magazine, and was awarded the National Entrepreneur of the Year by President Obama in 2010. For more info on Dan Price and Gravity Payments, visit:

Registration & Event Information:

  • La Quinta Inn & Suites 1425 E 27th St Tacoma, WA 98421
  • 11:30  Registration/networking
  • 12:00  Lunch served
  • Cost  $25 prepaid, drawing is an additional $5 for 6 tickets
    ** Additional $10 for walk-in members and non-members
  • Register by email or fill out the registration form

The TCT meets September through June on the second Monday of every month for networking, lunch and dynamic speakers on important issues to the transportation industry. Members, their guests and others are invited.

Upcoming luncheon meetings:

Have a credit card on file? Email us that you’re planning to attend!
THANK YOU to all who contributed door prizes at our last meeting! All proceeds go toward TCT’s Scholarship Program.

506th Member: Ian Collins

Here is a bit of background on Ian Collins who is our 506th member to join TCT this year. His 506th membership broke our record and surpassed last year’s membership.  While our membership is now at 512, we’d like to celebrate the person who signed up and broke the record from the previous year.

2014_Barney_IanWithTruck-8Ian Collins:

Although Premier Transport wasn’t established until 2000, I began working for its predecessor, Collins Transport in 1990. From the very beginning, I realized that trucking was a dynamic business that operated in an ever-changing environment. To be successful, I believed that we had to look for opportunities to expand our customer base and geographic regions.

Last November, I purchased Premier Transport and became its president and sole owner. Over the years, Premier has always emphasized a commitment to safety and a promise of great customer service. And that pledge continues today. I am very proud that over the past year, Premier has grown our existing business, and expanded our geographic area. But I didn’t accomplish that all by myself. I have a great team of employees, drivers, vendors and customers who have all played a huge role in moving Premier forward.

Premier Transport provides drayage services, handling steamship and rail containers over a four-state area. We have eight office employees and 41 drivers, and are located in both the Port of Tacoma and Yakima, Washington.

Click to see a copy of the letter.

Click to see a copy of the letter.

As most of you probably know, we are facing a transportation and logistics crisis not seen in the PNW since the lockout in 2002.  Presently, we are seeing massive issues that are affecting productivity at the Ports of Tacoma, Seattle and Portland.  This, in effect, is bringing the movement of commerce in and out of the Ports to a screeching halt and costing the economy millions of dollars a day.  It is also going to have a major long term impact on the business that will be going through the ports as customers are already looking (and will find) alternatives to our gateways.  Your Club is not making judgments on this situation but what we are asking you to do is read the attached letter sent yesterday by a very large number of organizations listed within including Ag TC and Peter Friedmann to President Obama, Governor Inslee and others to intervene and stop the slowdown of commerce and get the PMA and ILWU to negotiate a contract as soon as possible.

You may not think you are affected but you will be with higher prices, etc. so we encourage you to look at the list of addressees, call their offices and encourage them to get involved.  Until yesterday’s article in the News Tribune, I had not heard a word from our elected officials.  Call the Governor, your regional legislators at the State and Federal level and both of our Senators.  They need to be involved to get the situation back on track for the benefit of all of us.  Also, consider calling the PMA and ILWU and encouraging them to get the contract signed.

A copy of the letter can be found here.

No one ever expects an emergency, which is why a simple safety briefing can play a critical role in being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count. The purpose of a safety briefing prior to the beginning of a meeting is to provide all attendees with the knowledge, or reminder, of how to respond in case of emergency or disaster. Attendees are identified who may have certain skills that could be utilized (CPR/First Aid Training). Other attendees may provide communication for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or assistance to people with special needs in the case of a building evacuation. The goal is a safe and organized response to the emergency; not chaos and confusion.

The Topics


Know your physical location and identify emergency exits and an outside rally area in case of building evacuation. “In the event of an emergency, please exit out _______ and _______ doors. Once outside, proceed to _______ where we will meet (and do roll call).”


Identify the location in the room of all phones that can be used for emergency calls and designate a person to make the call. The address of the building and the room number, if applicable, should be near the phone or given to the person designated to make the call.

“In addition to cell phones, there are phones located _______. Dial ___ for an outside line and then 911 in case of an emergency.”


Designate an attendee to go outside and flag EMS personnel to the location. The flagger should serve as the initial point of contact and have a general understanding of the situation.


Identify the location of the nearest fire extinguisher to be used in case of a small fire and, if possible, a person trained in its use. “In case of fire, the closest fire extinguisher is located _______.”


Instruct meeting attendees of the proper response in case of an earthquake.      “In case of an earthquake, duck under a table (or other stable object), clasp your hands and use them to cover and protect the back of your neck and hold.”

CPR, First Aid, and AED

Identify people in the room who are CPR and/or First Aid qualified. Identify the location of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), if available.  “IF you are CPR or First Aid qualified and willing to help in an emergency, please identify yourself. The AED is located _______.”

In conclusion, the safety briefing can help provide a quicker, and more controlled, response from attendees and foster better preparation in the event of an emergency. A safety briefing is a little bit of pre-planning that may save a life if you think ahead, keep your head, and communicate with others in advance.

Always make it a Safe Day.


This article was provided by Tacoma Rail Safety Technician, Max Chabo.

Emergency Food Network, the hub of Pierce County’s emergency food system, presented awards to local individuals, businesses, and civic groups at their April 16 Recognition Breakfast. Award recipients made significant contributions to EFN’s efforts to fight food insecurity in 2013.

The Transportation Club of Tacoma, was recognized for Food System Support for our annual fundraising luncheon (December holiday meeting) for EFN, and to our members for logistics and transportation support throughout the emergency food system.