On March 1, 1926, The Traffic Club of Tacoma was founded under the leadership of E.R. Cronkhite – Pacific Match Co. – its first President.

Within two years, the present name of The Transportation Club of Tacoma was adopted and it began to prosper with a full set of Officers, Board of Directors and 128 members. Many of the companies still hold active memberships in the organization today; of these remaining firms are included railroads, motor carriers and industrial firms.

Over the ensuing eighty years few changes were necessary in the Constitution, By-Laws or meeting format; this attests to the foresight of our founding Fathers and regard for maintaining tradition within the Club. During the entire history of the Club, it has continued to hold regular monthly meetings, except during months where significant club events are planned. These events currently include the Hi Jinks and Spring Open Golf Tournaments, Mary Bridge Band Aid Drive, Habitat for Humanity day, National Maritime Week and our Emergency Food Network Christmas Drive.

We’ve seen our Club membership grow to over 500, allowing its members and guests to regularly meet in an atmosphere of fellowship and social exchange of ideas regarding sound transportation. While the Club offers its members a great networking opportunity, the membership provides the community with significant contributions to local charities like Emergency Food Network, Habitat for Humanity and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. In addition, we’re able to consistently contribute a significant amount of scholarship funding to the family members of our membership.

The Club’s mission will continue to center on building bridges within the transportation industry while at the same time providing a strong connection to the local community through our charitable work. As our history is further written, one thing remains constant, being a member of the Transportation Club of Tacoma means you’ve joined an organization committed to enriching your life professionally and personally.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments over the past year:

  • $19,500 in 2012 Scholarship Awards to 20 students
  • $24,115 raised for Emergency Food Network at the Holiday luncheon in December, bringing our total food contributions since 1999 to over one million dollars
  • $12,000 shared between Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Habitat for Humanity, raised at the Spring Open Charity Golf Tournament held annually in May
  • 4,300 boxes of bandages raised at the annual Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Bandage Drive in March

On behalf of the officers and membership, we look forward to what our history will read as we push toward our 100th anniversary in 2026.