Logistics & Transportation Association of North America

LTNA_logoLogistics & Transportation Association of North America (“LTNA”) is a professional association consisting of transportation clubs, associations, companies and individuals in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

LTNA member clubs are populated by recognized experts in transportation, logistics and supply chain management involving freight and people.

LTNA and its predecessors, Transportation Clubs International and Associated Traffic Clubs, date from the early 1900’s. Rich in tradition but committed to changing with the times, LTNA has earned a reputation as the preeminent transportation industry organization.

LTNA Mission

The purpose of Logistics & Transportation Association of North America is to create, stimulate and perpetuate discussion of topics relating to local and national transportation issues.

By enrolling local transportation clubs and associations into the LTNA membership roster, LTNA and its member clubs endeavor to create funding for its scholarship award program in support of students pursuing undergraduate degrees in recognized university transportation degree programs.

The multi-purpose objectives of LTNA are:

  • Promote through member clubs, companies and individuals, the importance, value and economic role of transportation and transportation logistics;
  • Promote the general welfare of member clubs and their respective memberships;
  • Provide an international forum for local transportation and logistics organizations;
  • Stimulate and perpetuate dialogue among members on subjects of national and internationalimportance as they relate to transportation and logistics; and
  • Promote education in the transportation industry.

Distinct Membership Benefits
LTNA members clubs enjoy distinct benefits that often are not available at the local club level, including:

  • National and International Networking and Fellowship Opportunities
  • Club Liability Insurance (Members Only)
  • LTNA Club Resource Tools (Members Only)
  • Prestigious Transportation Scholarships
  • National Transportation Week Activities
  • Transportation Job Openings (Members Only)
  • Coverage of Transportation Industry News
  • Industry-Related Links
  • Online Membership Directory (Members Only)
Member Club Spotlight
LTNA Weekly News Update eMail Newsletter (Members Only)
  • Multi-Modal Coverage
Attractive Venue for Sponsors and Advertisers
  • Affordable Annual Membership Dues

The Transportation Club of Tacoma is proud to be a member of Logistics & Transportation Association of North America. To find out more about LTNA, click here.