Transportation Club of Tacoma Scholarships



2020 Scholarship Application

Due by March 31, 2020  Now Due by April 30th!


2019 Scholarship Award Recipients & Essays

Lindsey Gieser
Hailey Gieser
Jennafer Knight
Lisa Lovely
Own Ebner
Daelyn Hawes
Kaitlin Hochstrasser
Samuel Ebner
Bailee Doman
Kendall Langis
Elizabeth Miller
Kelsey Vincent

Two of the top submissions this year were Lindsey Gieser’s essay and Elizabeth Miller’s essay.


Matt Moskal, originally from Chicago, was a long-time instructor at Green River Community College (GRCC) in Auburn and McCord AFB. Matt was instrumental in developing and teaching GRCC’s Traffic and Transportation Program. He worked in the transportation industry for many years and was a mentor to many local professionals who began their transportation careers in his classrooms. He also served on transportation related boards, and was a well respected consultant.

Stan Levy was active in the Club for over 50 years and served as Secretary-Treasurer under President Bill Rutherford. In November of 2001, he was awarded TCT’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Always involved in his community, Stan volunteered for the Elk’s Christmas Toys for Children, at Tacoma’s Temple Bethel, Little League, and Boy Scouts’ Order of the Arrow. His long career was spent at Pacific Highway Transport, Portland Seattle Freight Lines (ABF), Southwest Delivery, Silver Eagle, Brader (Easley Hauling), and Okanogan-Seattle Transport.

Anita Lydiard served as TCT President January-July 2008. For many years, she produced the membership Directory and was active on the Scholarship committee. A caring individual who brought her positive attitude and strong leadership skills to the Board of Directors, Anita worked tirelessly to help grow and improve the club and its events. Involved in many charities, including American Cancer Society’s “Team Lydiard”, she stood ready to lend a hand right up until she passed away in December 2010. In honor of her life and spirit within our club, Anita Lydiard’s name was added starting with the 2012 TCT Scholarship program.

The Club has awarded an average of $20,000 in scholarships per year for the last five years. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

The criteria for participation is:

  • Sponsor membership for a minimum of one year.
  • Sponsor participation in a minimum of two TCT events.
  • Direct relationship to sponsor to include children, grandchildren, aunts/uncles.

Applications must be completed in accordance with the guidelines provided. All applications must be postmarked by the deadline without exception.