2020 Person Of The Year: Dan Fay

Dan Fay is a Tacoma boy through and through, he was born and raised in Tacoma’s North End and he even attended Wilson High School.

Dan has been in charge of organizing the TCT’s Spring Open Golf Tournament for the last 10 years and to date has raised more than $150,000 for Habitat for Humanity and Mary Bridge Childress Hospital! He has also served on the board of directors since 2010. Dan’s service to the club has been invaluable and we could never thank him enough.

Although he started his professional life as a builder in Tacoma, the recession of the early 1980’s hit his business hard. With the WA economy in recession, he found opportunity in Alaska, which at the time was enjoying a thriving economy due to the oil boom.  Shortly after moving to Alaska Dan started and operated his own lumber company that he ran successfully for a number of years. In 1987 after selling his business, he took a position with Sealand/Horizon Lines and this was the beginning of a long career in the seafood industry. In 1990, Dan moved back to Washington State to head up the Seafood Division where he was given the title “King of Seafood”. Dan who currently works for Matson has been in the seafood business for almost 35 years.

Dan currently lives in Dash Point and is married to his wonderful wife Ginni. He loves spending the weekends working around the house, boating with his family and friends, or watching his golf ball hook into the woods at his favorite golf course. Dan’s son Eric is also a member of the TCT. Dan also has a wonderful stepdaughter, Jennifer, who lives on the East coast. Between his kids, he has 4 amazing grandchildren.

For his contributions to the TCT, transportation industry and our community; the 2020 Person of the Year Award goes to Dan Fay!



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