The Club’s Board of Directors has been reviewing and revising our Constitution and Bylaws during 2016.  The last time this was done was in 2010.  Many aspects of the way the Club is organized and executes its mission have changed since the last time these governing documents were revised.

The revised Constitution was approved by our membership at the General Meeting held on November 14, 2016.

The next milestone in this process is for the Board of Directors to approve the revised Bylaws.  This vote will take place on January 12, 2017 at the Board of Directors Meeting.

Generally, the Bylaws have been rearranged and reformatted.  Specific changes to the Bylaws include:

  • The processing of annual membership renewal will begin in December rather than January (Article I, Section 3 current bylaws/Article I, Section 2 proposed Bylaws).
  • The nomination and election of Directors and Officers has been consolidated from two articles to one article (Articles II-III current Bylaws/Article II proposed Bylaws).
  • The composition of the Executive Committee has been expanded to include an opportunity for one non-transportation professional to serve as an Officer of the Club (Article VII current bylaws/Article III Section 6 proposed Bylaws).
  • The responsibilities of the Executive Committee and the Officers of the Board have been redefined (Articles IV-VI current bylaws/ Articles III-VIII proposed Bylaws).
  • The composition of the Board of Directors has been expanded to include up to five non-transportation professionals and/or Lifetime/Honorary Members (Article VII current bylaws/Article IX, Section 5 proposed Bylaws).
  • The requirement for an Annual General Meeting has been eliminated (Article XII, Section 2 current Bylaws).
  • The quorum at General Meetings has been changed from fifteen members to 20% of the active members (Article XII, Section 4 current bylaws/Article XIV, Section 3 proposed Bylaws).
  • The current Committees of the Club have been articulated (Article XVI proposed Bylaws).

Our current and proposed Bylaws are attached to this email.  These documents can also be accessed on the Club’s website at (current Bylaws) and (revised Bylaws).

Any questions or comments about the revised Constitution and Bylaws or the revision process can be directed to our Immediate Past President, Vince Santiago, @ 253.833.4688 or

The Board of Directors thanks you in advance for your support of this important initiative.