Certificate in Maritime Management

PLUAs many of the TCT members are already aware, Pacific Lutheran University’s Center for Graduate and Continuing Education is launching a new Certificate in Maritime Management in 2016.  The four workshop series scheduled to run on four Saturdays in January and February covers an array of topics and data under The Shipping Business, Maritime Management, Maritime Law and Regulation, and Terminal and Vessel Operations.  The main objective of this new program is to meet an industry need, identified by Port of Tacoma leaders, of developing more knowledgeable middle managers across all sectors of the industry, but in particular for the Logistics and Shipping subsector.  The Washington State Maritime Cluster Economic Impact Study of 2013 revealed this subsector of the overall industry as one of the largest for number of employer establishments and jobs (viii, 31).

PLU is fortunate to have been able to recruit four industry professionals, mostly from the TCT membership, to teach the workshops.  Greg Shelton, who taught previously for the University of Washington’s maritime program, will be delivering the first workshop on the shipping business, which will be a general overview of shipping history, key concepts, trends, and governance.  Anna Sodorstrom from Washington United Terminals will cover a variety of management practices specific to the industry in the second workshop.  Steven Block, an attorney with Foster Pepper PLLC, will offer his expert knowledge on maritime law and regulation for the third workshop.  And TCT Board Member, Mark Miller, from MacMillan-Piper, Inc, will be drawing from his extensive background and knowledge to deliver the final workshop on terminal and vessel operations.  Mark will also be leading a tour of the Port of Tacoma as a part of this program.  I was able to get a glimpse of this tour with Mark before the Christmas holiday and it was an enlightening experience.  The tour will bring into sharp focus many of the lessons from the four workshops.

PLU anticipates offering the Certificate in Maritime Management twice a year.  We currently have fourteen registrants for the upcoming series of workshops, which is a nice class size for collaborative learning with the instructor and peer registrants.  If TCT members are interested in learning more about this new certificate program, they can either go to www.plu.edu/continuing-ed or contact me directly at the Center for Graduate and Continuing Education, 253-535-7231.


Best wishes,

Geoff E. Foy, Ph.D.
Associate Provost