Traffic – It’s Not Just On The Roads…

Have you been wondering what the traffic looks like on the TCT website since it was launched eight months ago? Through the magic of Google Analytics, we’re able to give you an idea of some cool stats.

Since May 26, 2011 (the official launch) to January 22, 2012 (8 months) there have been:

  • 3,520 visits by 2,212 visitors
  • 1,286 (37%) were direct (they had bookmarked)
  • 1,247 (35%) from search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • 987 (28%) from referring sites (e.g. TCSeattle, email, Facebook, member websites with a TCT link)
  • 17,895 pages have been viewed
  • An average of 5 pages per visit
  • Spending an average of 3.5 minutes each visit

That’s an average of 440 visits per month!

The large majority of these visitors are from the US. The next five are Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, United Kingdom and Panama.

Other than the Home page, the next most frequently visited pages are: Next Meeting; Networking; Join; Hi-Jinks; Events; Contact; Officers & Board; Hot Topics; TCT Scholarship; Spring Open; Just For Fun; and Newsletter. Views of these pages were from 250 views for the Newsletter, up to 1,857 for Next Meeting.

Sponsors of our golf tournaments are listed on the tournament’s website page, along with a link to their website. Over the past 8 months, the Hi-Jinks and Spring Open pages had a total of 958 views! Another great reason to become a Sponsor for these fundraising events!

Many people have found our website via a Google search of terms like “transportation club Tacoma” or “transportation Tacoma.” People have gone to our site via searches of people who are TCT members, as well as their companies. There are also people that get to TCT’s website via searches for information contained in our articles, the charities we support, and other phrases that are on our website pages.

The analytics program even lets us know that our website has been accessed by iPads 25 times, iPhones 21 times, and one time someone with a RIM BlackBerry 8530 Curve took a look at two pages!

We like to change things up periodically, so if you would like to give a member testimonial, have a fun YouTube video of your company, or have other information that other TCT members would want to know, please send it to TCT Board Member Norma Dompier, norma @

[Update since this article was supplied for TCT’s newsletter: There have been 1,008 visitors over the past two months with a total of 6,196 pageviews! WOW!]

This information provided by TCT Education Committee Member & Board Member, Norma Dompier of RedBike International.